The Difference.

A dock is a dock is a dock, right?  To many people it is.  Those people tend not to be Summertime clients.  We're not saying that every dock must be gold plated and finished with leather stitching, but we do believe that each project should have it's own character and charm.  We  encourage individuality rather than duplication.   We have no desire to build the same project twice (even if it was a REALLY great project!).  In fact, if we had our way, each of our clients would be "guinea pigs" for something new and unique that has never been tried before.  Like what, you ask?  Past clients have worked with us on custom deck inlays, a recessed motorized bike ramp that extends from the deck surface, a custom below-deck storage solution for boating supplies, a double jet ski lift system (see image above), an automated boat lift power cut-off, custom paddleboard and kayak racks, giant video projection screens and unique lighting solutions to name a few.  So, yeah, we like for our clients to challenge the "dock status quo".  Different isn't's great.

Our mentality comes from the slightly twisted view of the company's owner, Robin.  Robin started his career working for Lockheed Martin as a propulsion engineer (aerospace engineering degree from Auburn - War Eagle!), but quickly figured out that life in the corporate cube farm wasn't suited for him.  Along the way, Robin also sat for and passed the Patent Bar Exam, allowing him to file patents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  So, anytime Robin gets the opportunity to put his engineering and inventing skill set to good use, he jumps at the opportunity.  As a company, we've become infected with his hunger for design challenges and would love to explore some unique design concepts with you.

Another side effect of Robin's geek / nerd inclination is our use of technology.  All of our design and engineering is done in-house, using the latest design software (AutoCAD for 2D work and SolidWorks for 3D work).  We use digital project management tools and embrace digital over paper whenever possible.  For those clients that have a hard time visualizing their project, we can provide three-dimensional virtual "walk-throughs" via computer models or, alternatively, we also have a 3D printer that allows for us to "print" a scale model of a project, enabling anyone to visualize the end result.

When we stumble upon something that we feel has potential, we take the time to explore the concept and refine it.  To that end,  our Deccessories line of products offers solutions for contractors and homeowners.  We are always seeking to expand the line of offerings, so check back occasionally to see what we've added.

We're very proud of the name that Summertime has carved out in the industry.  Our work has been featured in various trade magazines, and we have been featured on the DIY Network (talk about Robin taking his outside-the-box approach to humbling results!!) and have provided multiple lectures, demonstrations and workshops at industry conventions.  We have also received the highest levels of recognition as contractors from various decking manufacturers (Trex Pro Platinum, Fiberon FiberPro, Envision Pro Contractor, Azek Bronze Contractor).

Of course, it should also be mentioned that Summertime is fully licensed and insured.  Summertime is operated under Robin's general contractor's license (CGC1511647).  For verification, please feel free to check the state database.  We carry general liability and worker's compensation policies to cover any unforeseen circumstances that may arise.

While we do work hard to differentiate ourselves professionally, we want to make sure that you know that we don't take ourselves seriously.  A good sense of humor,  a great smile, and willingness to listen will get you a lot further in life than an impressive resume.  To that end, give us a call (or fill out the form below) to schedule a time for us to come out and listen to your needs and enjoy a few laughs together.