We build because we enjoy it.


Summertime Deck and Dock built it's first dock in 2008.  Although the company doesn't have a storied history, the people behind Summertime do.  Our construction teams have decades of dock construction experience and our office staff are no slouches either.  While work experience is certainly important, attitude, personality and character are what carry the most value at Summertime.  Everyone at Summertime is "handshake" caliber.  What's that mean?  That means that we don't need a contract to tell us what's right.  All we need is a firm handshake and a respectful look in the eye of our client.  Summertime wasn't founded with the intention of being a giant commercial "Fortune 500" success.  Summertime was founded on doing something we love, and doing it honorably.

Robin and Michelle Lopez are the owners of Summertime.  Robin oversees the day-to-day business operations while Michelle handles the financial aspects of things.  Put a different way, you'll see Robin before, during, and after construction - if you see Michelle, something's wrong (pay your invoices and all will be fine!).  Both Lopezes (also known as the Lopi) are graduates of Auburn University and have been residents of Orlando since 2002.

Summertime started doing work only for residential clients.  As we grew, so did our offerings.  Now, Summertime Deck and Dock does work for residential and commercial clients.  The majority of the work we undertake is new construction, however, we do a fair amount of renovation and repair work as well.  We focus on exterior projects made of wood (or wood alternatives like Trex).  We build decks, docks, pergolas, gazebos, nature trails, and pavilions.  While most of our clients look to us to provide a comprehensive experience (tackling everything from design to permitting to construction to maintenance), we gladly offer our services on an "a la carte" basis for the DIY backyard builder or for the homeowner needing help with design, permitting, engineering...or with the "tough" parts of construction.  Whatever your need may be, give us a call and we'll do what we can to make your project a success.



Open Positions

Experienced Dock Builder

We are always looking for more "handshake" caliber team members.  We empower our staff to make decisions on their own, but also provide guidance to minimize errors.  We expect our team members to be open to new ways of completing tasks and confident enough to propose alternative methods.  Tools will be provided by Summertime.


  • Must have dependable transportation (truck is preferred)

  • Must have strong work ethic and outstanding physical fitness

  • Ability to read construction plans is a plus

  • Must be capable of swimming

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