If your wife is anything like mine, she thinks that dewy grass in the backyard is a highly toxic substance.  No way will she step off of the deck into the backyard unless the grass is completely dry and someone else has gone first to ward off any attacks from wild animals lurking in the 1” tall freshly manicured lawn.  Fret no more.  Now you can kill two birds with one (Decking) Stone – she can safely traverse the perils of the backyard AND she can admire the fact that the stepping stones are a direct match in color and material to the deck that she spent so much time picking out and designing.  The Decking Stone is a great addition to any decked outdoor environment.  The polypropylene frame securely holds the decking of your choice in place.  The 1/8” spacing throughout the framework gives the Decking Stone the appearance of a traditionally spaced deck while adding a structural ribbing that gives even your wife a sense of confidence when making the mad dash across the backyard.  Grab some Decking Stone frames, cut up some of that scrap decking you’ve got laying around and turn your backyard into an aesthetically pleasing safe haven for your wife’s sensitive feet.