The Chadirondack (half chaise, half adirondack) is the product that launched Deccessories.  After fielding calls regularly from clients whose furniture blew off their dock and into the water during violent thunderstorms, we knew there had to be a better solution than using unsightly bungee cords to strap furniture down.   The Chadirondack was our solution.  Far more comfortable than stretching a towel out on the surface of the deck, the Chadirondack allows for an adjustable seating surface that collapses beneath deck level when not in use.  With a quick tug on a strap, the knee joint locks into place, requiring only the lifting of the back support to complete the “setup”.  After you’ve spent the afternoon relaxing in the seat, closing of the Chadirondack is just as easy.  When stowed, the Chadirondack is flush and nearly invisible, allowing for people to walk on top of the seat, set up other furniture on top of the seat, or, simply convert the area into an impromptu dance floor (we know how you like to throw those wild all-night parties!).  Installation of the kit is quick and painless, requiring minimal tools and materials.  The real bonus comes from the fact that the deck surface used for the Chadirondack will always be an exact match, as the existing deck surface is cut and used as a part of the Chadirondack assembly – no noticeable differences in grain pattern, no noticeable coloring differences.  Truly, a seamless match.  Because the system is designed for scalability, the spacing you use between deck boards is not a concern.  The installation is the same whether you installed the deck with 1/8” spacing or ½” spacing.  Additionally, the kit can be used to create smaller chairs for children or larger chairs for those of us who may be “big and tall”.

The Chadirondack is the first available product from our line of “Deckformers” – a whole series of products that collapse beneath the surface of the deck. Be on the lookout for new offerings over the course of the next few months.

Give the Chadirondack a try – be forewarned, once you sit down, you won’t want to get up.  Plan on sitting and staying a while!