Dec - what?  Relax, you've got this.  Our name is nothing more than a combination of the words DECK + ACCESSORIES.  When you put the words together, you get "De-ccessories", a company focused on providing new products to the deck industry with a bit of irreverence.

Deccessories is nothing more than a home-brewed concoction comprised of equal parts ingenuity, impatience, frustration, determination, boredom, and a desire to have fun.  If you mix all of those ingredients and shake violently, something’s bound to happen!  It may not always look good (and it may taste even worse), but every now and then, the concoction comes out “just right”.

Deccessories is our attempt to infuse the decking industry with a bit of a Tabasco kick. 

At Deccessories, every idea gets a fair shake.  We thoroughly explore and iterate on all of the ideas that come across our whiteboard.  Oftentimes, crazy ideas lead to innovations in more moderate concepts.  So, we strive to throw every idea at the wall and do what we can to make them stick.  The unifying theme for all of our concepts and products is to bring a refreshing new approach to some aspect of the decking industry - from tools, to software, to standalone consumer products.

Scroll through our offerings below and let us know what you think or if there are other products that you think we might should work on bringing to market.