In the Corner

A lot of the enjoyment in our business comes from client interaction.  The interaction in this project was great.  The clients knew exactly what they wanted, where they wanted it, and even what type and color decking.  These clients selected EverGrain Classic decking for their deck.  They wanted the deck in the corner of the backyard so as to allow open "play space" in front of the deck and still get some shade from the neighbor's tree.  They immediately put the deck to good use upon construction completion.

Pine is Fine

There's always a race to have the biggest and the best with the most features.  Sometimes, simple trumps it all.  This dock has pine decking with a 10'x10' open platform (not under roof), and a shingle covered boat house.  Perfect for the intended purpose of this dock - to get on and off of their deck boat.  The dock is nestled inside a forested area, allowing for the pine decking to almost blend in with the nature around it.  Simple can, at times, be better.

When Life Gives you Lemons, Double-up!

Our client had a problem.  He owns a boat and a couple of jet skis, however, the allowable platform size did not allow enough square footage for each of them to be stored under roof.  Based on previous experience, he felt it absolutely necessary to ensure that the dock's roof covered all of the vehicles.  We proposed an out-of-the-box solution that provided cover for the vessels while still remaining within the allowable square footage.  We constructed the dock with a unique jet ski lift - the skis are stored one above the other.  The pictures below help explain the configuration.  The solution solved the needs of our client and helped us scratch our creative itch.  Win for everyone!

Deck with a View

There was one mandate provided by our clients - "DON'T RUIN THE VIEW!".  We heard them loud and clear.  The solution was to install a set of stairs across nearly the entirety of the lakeside face.  With the steps there, no railing was needed, so the view was left unimpeded.  Along the side (and out of view) we installed a bench for storage as well as a small alcove for the BBQ grill.  The Trex composite decking ensured minimal maintenance and maximum enjoyment.  Enjoy the view!

Stairway to Heaven

This client's property has a tremendous elevation change between the point where the backyard ends and the waterline begins.  While we typically recommend avoiding stairs, there was no other alternative in this scenario.  The gray TimberTech composite decking contrasts beautifully with the wooden substructure and the wooden picket railing.  The HOA does not allow for roofs, so we looked outside-the-box for an aesthetic solution which would allow us to use an overhead lift system for the boat.  An arbor was the right answer.  Great look and traditional functionality.  This dock is an exceptional place to enjoy the calming morning sunrise as you prepare for a record ski run....

A Facelift Does a Body Good

In some ways, docks are like humans.  They each have their own personalities and characters.  They each have their own look.  And just like humans, docks get older and begin to show their age.  This project was a great example of a dock with "good bones", but in need of a facelift.  We removed the 20 year old cracked and warped pine decking and replaced it with new rounded edged pine decking.  The results were quite amazing for this "older beauty".

A Little Deck, A Little Dock, A Lot of Fun

These clients were great.  They had a general list of features, but no specific design.  They were very open minded and willing to trust our professional experience in guiding the layout and design of the project.  I'm not sure who was more pleased with the results, us or them.  We dubbed this a bit of a deck/dock hybrid with functional space on land as well as over the water.  There is a retractable movie screen in front of the boat slip for outdoor movie watching in the evenings and a rope swing for cooling off during the daytime heat.  The steps of stairs leading from the home down to the waterfront tied it all together and added a perfect finishing touch.  Definitely a favorite of ours.

Rain or Shine

Our clients moved into a home that had a tiny concrete slab outside of the rear doorway.  With the addition of a swing set for the kids to play on, the family was spending a considerable amount of time in the backyard.  While the kids were enjoying themselves, the adults had to squeeze onto a small, uncovered concrete patio.  We helped to convert that space into a usable area that affords plenty of space for the adults to enjoy, while the kids continue to enjoy the play set.  This pergola has see-through corrugated panels overtop of the structure, affording use even during wet weather conditions.  The previously inadequate space has now become a favorite hangout for everyone, young and old.


Lifting and Loading

This was quite a transformation.  The existing dock had split, cracked and warped pine decking that was a hazard to the family and their pets.  The platform was too small and unusable for the family's activities.  We were able to overhaul the dock with new Azek pvc decking and give it a completely new look.  We added an inset loading area on the main platform to allow for easy access to boats, while on the "catwalk" side, we added two jet ski lifts that are serviced with their own loading platform.  The picture frame border provided an additional element of class and refinement to complement the illuminated post caps.  The clients were a pleasure to work with and we look forward to an invitation to their next summer gathering. :-)