Going Above and Beyond

This project was exciting for us, as it is not something that we do often.  The clients had an above ground pool that they wanted to wrap with a deck area.  The primary goal was to provide access to the pool for an elderly family member by means other than a ladder slapped on the side of the pool.  As you'll see in the pictures below, the stairs we constructed are deeper (three boards deep instead of two boards) and not as high per step.  This provided a much easier and more gradual climb.  As an added bonus, there's now plenty of lounging area to hang out on while enjoying the activities of the pool.  While we would have preferred to curve the perimeter of the deck, we had to trim the edge using straight faces to match the other half of the pool that had the top of the pool frame still visible and exposed.  These clients could not have been more hospitable.  A unique project that resulted in a great result.