A New Spin on a Balcony

We were called out to provide a proposal for replacement of a set of stairs leading to the apartment above the garage area.  The set of stairs was approximately 20 feet in height and looked more like a fire escape than the primary access point.  We suggested moving the primary entry to the inviting set of French doors overlooking the main deck area.  After some intensive design and deliberation, we were given approval to make the transformation happen.  The new balcony provides a great vantage point for viewing the lake while adding a bit of intrigue with the spiral staircase.  We overhauled the railing on the main deck area to match that of the balcony and we added a "grand" set of stairs leading to the backyard and lake area.  The area went from run-down and dilapidated to being the focal point of the residence and adding great value to the home.