No Roof, No Problem

This dock was constructed in the Vizcaya neighborhood on Big Sand Lake.  At the time of construction, the Vizcaya HOA did not allow roofs on boat docks (the rule has since been changed).  The dock was constructed with a standard overhead lift system, which is typically mounted to the headers of the roof structure.  There are alternative ways to mount a lift, but as we were confident that the HOA would change their opinion on roofs, we wanted to construct the structure in a way that would allow for the roof to be added without any additional work.  The decking is Trex Transcends Tropics (Spiced Rum) with a matching picture frame border.  We also used hidden fasteners on this project, affording the dock as sleek a look as possible.  Given the square footage constraints, the usable area was maximized while still allowing access to all portions of the slip (to those with cat-like balance!).  Try not to be too envious of our work boat shown in the pictures!